About Bar Academy Hellas

We established Bar Academy in 2007 with the goal to provide, the missing and much needed, comprehensive and structured training for bar and coffee professionals.

It is the first training center in Greece specializing in bartenders', barista's, bar managers' and bar owners' education. 

We divide the training into levels, each with a set of training programs, which are evolving and updated on an annual basis, following market trends.

The training programs are aimed at both young and experienced professionals regardless of professional experience, and the goal is to develop their knowledge about each subject.  

Training takes place in the perfectly organized and modern facilities located in the centers of Athens, Thessaloniki, and Nicosia.

Besides training, Bar Academy provides comprehensive event services for professionals in the industry, such as competitions, product launches and also is the organizer of "Athens Bar Show" &  "the Coffee Show.”.

Our Team


Babis Kaidalidis FOUNDER / MANAGING DIRECTOR GREECE AND CYPRUS He has been active in the hospitality industry since the early 90s. He began to study computer science, but the hospitality industry, and specifically the bar, won him over. Since 2000 he has worked as a bartender, a staff trainer, and head of training development in american restaurants.

Having loved bartending and education, he took part in national and European competitions and attended courses in Greece and abroad to improve himself as a professional. In 2007 he created Bar Academy and set up the first seminars. In 2010 he launched the Athens Bar Show and in 2016 The Coffee Show.

During his career he has organized hundreds of educational programs for bartenders and baristi, cocktail competitions and events. Currently, he is the managing director of Bar Academy in Greece and Cyprus, a trainer for several Bartending & Bar Management seminars and the producer of Athens Bar Show & The Coffee Show.

Since 1996 he has been working in the restaurant sector to support his studies and gain working experience in Greece and Great Britain, where he graduated from BA (Hons) European Business Studies at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.
Returning to Greece, he is now convinced that his future is in the F&B sector and continues as a bartender at an international bar-restaurant chain (T.G.I. Friday`s).
He will soon be promoted to Bar Manager for approximately one and a half years, then to a Food Quality Manager (in-store) and one and a half years later he is promoted as Store General Manager, responsible for budgeting, financial management and acquiring, maintaining and developing human resources.
Efficiency, attention to detail and his love for education becomes an opportunity to work with Carlson Restaurants Worldwide as an instructor / trainer at GM`s Seminar (Seminar for Branch General Managers).
Since 2011 he has been a shareholder in Bar Academy, where he is CFO and Marketing Director.
He has attended numerous conferences and seminars on a variety of topics, such as HACCP, food and beverage safety (EFET), online marketing & advertising, social media marketing and project management.

Christos Axarlis HEAD OF TRAINING DEVELOPMENT / SPIRITS EXPERT (ATHENS) Christos Axarlis is working in the bartending sector for 12 years. He began his career at university pubs during his studies at the University of York. After completing his studies in Biology, he worked as a bartender, head-bartender and bar manager at Vudu Lounge in York from 2005 to 2009, while successfully completing his second degree in Business Administration, Communication Technology and French (MITL) at the University of York as well as his Masters in Environmental Management and Technology at the University of Manchester. 
He has ceased his career due to his military service and is now working at Bar Academy as a Head of Training Development in all alcohol-related departments. 
At the same time, during the last 5 years he participates in the organization of the Athens Bar Show, the largest exhibition for professionals in the bar area in Greece. Since then he has organized many bars in Athens and other areas. 
The last four years he has provided trainings for bartenders and corporate executives of large beverage companies in Greece and Europe. He takes part in international conferences and seminars, traveling constantly to further develop his knowledge and skills.

George Papadogoulas BAR MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTOR / WHISKY EXPERT George Papadogoulas is a graduate of the Tourism Department of Technological Educational Institute of Athens and holds an MBA in Tourism from the University of Piraeus. Since 1988 he has been working in the hotel and restaurant sectors, reaching the position of Director in both sectors. He works professionally with the tasting of Whiskey and other alcoholic products. He owns a consultancy company for HO.RE.CA. businesses, specializing in F&B. He collaborates with magazines by writing articles on alcohol and responsible consumption. He was a member of the writing team that created for OEEK the IVT`s specialization in Barmen education. Since 1998 he has been teaching in public and private educational institutions, including TEI, IVT, VTC.,  and has also been a course material inspector for I.S.T. College.

He has presented in 4 National Tourism Conferences in subjects relating to F&B Management.

Spyros Patsialos has been involved in cocktail since he worked as a waiter in his pre-university years.
Until he obtained his degree as Automation Engineer from the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, he was working as a bartender, and his travels to Germany for Robotic Seminars gave him the opportunity to visit the local bars and admire bartenders` techniques. 
In 2006 and for the next three years he worked as a bartender on behalf of large beverage companies, thus having a period in which he was given the opportunity to work behind dozens of different bars, serving a wide variety of consumers with different requirements. Since 2009 he has been a bar trainer educating new employees in the cocktail catering sector.
In 2010 he was one of the world`s 12 bartenders who participated in the G`Vine Connoisseur Program and won the 6th place. That same year he won the second place in the nationwide competition of Angostura and 1st place in Bartender`s Challenge during “The Bar Academy Show”. In 2011 he took 4th place in the global competition of the Skinos Mediterranean Cocktail Challenge and was selected to participate in the international project of ouzo "Plomari".
He has been a judge in national competitions: "Disaronno Mixing Star 2010", "The Angostura Cocktail Challenge 2011", "The Bartenders Challenge 2011".
He is also a judge at the Institute for Cocktail Excellence Society (ICE). In 2012 he was awarded as "MVP of the Bar Industry". He holds the ipBartenders Certificate and BarSmarts USA and has acquired WSET Professional in Spirits and WSET Intermediate Certificate in Wines.
Papadopoulos Stelios is Brand Ambassador of Tequila Jose Cuervo, but also a man who has spent most of his professional life exploring the magical world of agave. Acquiring an in-depth knowledge of this category he was recently recognized by the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry as the first non-Mexican Tequila Connoisseur.
Panagiotis aims to acquire and improve his knowledge, skills, and abilities in Bartending and cocktails.
He has attended Bar Academy’s seminars and many other seminars & workshops by world-class bartenders.
Since 2009 he has been working as a bartender, head bartender and has been creating cocktail lists for many bars and restaurants while he is an active member of the team with Chef Athenagoras Costakos GASTRONOMY PROJECT BILL & COO.
He has excelled in competitions he has taken part. In 2011 he won 1st Place General Work Shop Belvedere Vodka with the cocktail: Chamomile Grapefruit Martini and the 4th General World Class Athens Place with the cocktail: Triangle Drink. In 2010 he won the 1st Tasting Place - Young Bar Tender Hellas with the cocktail: Apple Pie Cocktail.
Panagiotis works at the Michelin Star restaurant-bar, Hytra and has collaborated with beverage companies and magazines for cocktail presentations and proposals.
Alex had his first contact with spirits at the age of 17, in his homeland Corfu, where he started working as a bartender.
He moved to Athens and studied Food & Beverage Management and Marketing.
He has attended seminars by Greek and foreign renowned professionals on spirits, beer, wine, and mixing techniques.
He has undertaken several menu creation projects for bars, cocktail bars, bar restaurants as well as staff training.
He has successfully completed all seminars of Bar Academy, has worked at events organized by our academy as well as at the Athens Bar Show.

Sakis` passion for Bartending is probably in his DNA, since he started working from a very young age, in his father ’s restaurant in Thessaloniki. 
Since 1990 and for the next 15 years, Sakis has made a professional "journey" of the most famous bars, clubs, and restaurants of the city, discovering all positions and thus gaining an overview of the ultimate experience of the bar. In September 2009, he decides to go deeper into what he loves, investing academically now, in professional bartending. On the other side of the Atlantic, in Toronto, Canada, he attends a series of "Master Class & Bar Chef" seminars, and after returning to Greece, he continues training through seminars by professionals.
His professionalism and expertise have shined through many competitions, such as Sauza Tequila - "Dare to live it" 2015 and Appleton Rum competition 2010.
Significant moments in Sakis` career are his collaboration with Menheim’s Flic Flac bar in Germany -  the cocktail list design and implementation project and staff training, as well as his work as a bar manager at the Finix Casino & Hotel in 2013. Dozens of other bar and bar-restaurant partnerships in northern Greece, as a bar consultant, make-up the puzzle of his significant bartending experience.
For over 3 years, Sakis has taken on the title of Brand Ambassador of Ocean Spray Cranberry and Britvic mixers and is a permanent partner of World Beverage in the promotion of Gins Boodles and Brokers. 
Today, he is a brand ambassador of Concepts’ products. 
If you want to taste some of his signature cocktails, you will find it at Olympico bar in Thessaloniki.

"I think I got excited with the hospitality industry and specifically bars sometime between the ages 14 and 15 when I spent a month with my grandfather in Munich where he owned a beer house.That atmosphere amazed me and I immediately asked him to jump behind the bar!!

Later and while I was already studying in the department of biology in the National University of Athens (since 2001) I worked in several positions in the hospitality business, and I acquired knowledge and experience that I still use in my work.

It soon became obvious that my destination would be the bar industry and once I started working in bars, the next step would be to evolve within my chosen profession, so I attended several seminars in Bar Academy!

There my excitement about the bar industry grew bigger, and I am still, always looking for every way that will help me get more knowledgeable and more skillful in my profession.

During the last seven years I`ve worked for two, in my opinion, great bars in the center of Athens; "A for Athens" and "CV Distiller" and I still hold the position of "head bartender" in the latter.

I love great spirits and while I always love and get excited for any information about spirits and constant personal evolution, as a human being I do have preferences and in my case my love for whisky is very big."

Born in Greece with roots from France, Germany, and Africa, he has been involved in Bartending since 1998, working in a variety of bars in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki. He graduated from the Department of Computer Science in 2000 but continued his career as a Bartender. 
Despite his experience, he chose to further his Bartending training, taking part in various spirit masterclasses and continuing his journey with solid foundations. With a group of bartenders co-created, in 2013, the company "B&W Spirit Evolution" with the philosophy: “As the spirit of man evolves, the man inevitably evolves the spirits he consumes”.
He became an exclusive representative of Granikal in 2016 for Northern Greece, presenting many seminars on spirits and alternative ways of managing materials, and at the same time taking part in various competitions such as Diageo, Tequila Sauza. In 2016 he wins 1st place for the Audience Award at the Skinos Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge with his partner Elias Konstantinidis.
He organizes and operates the bar catering of B&W in various important events such as Cyprus film festivals, science festivals, Food festival etc. They participated at the science festival presentation of innovative techniques in the preparation of cold beverages.
In 2017 he becomes a Bar Academy instructor and continues to offer his experience and knowledge to the students.

At the age of 18, he found himself working incidentally behind the bar and immediately felt that Bartending was his “professional destiny."
Having a high desire to offer cocktails that activate vision, scent, and taste, he began attending Bar Academy`s bartending seminars where he got introduced to Molecular Mixology which intrigued him.
He attended a series of specialized seminars on molecular gastronomy and creative arts by Greek and foreign trainers.
He collaborated with "ASTRA" in Mykonos, and he has undertaken a pioneering project, where cocktails are prepared in the kitchen with applications of molecular gastronomy and mixology.
He has worked in prestigious Cocktail Bars, Bar Restaurants has created Signature Cocktails lists in hotels, restaurants, and bars of Athens and has also been training their staff.
Michalis has been working in the Food & Beverage sector since 2007. He began his career in the American restaurant chain, TGI Friday’s. Since 2009 he has been working as Bartender, gaining experience in Greece and abroad, both in new store opening and in staff training. During these years he developed his technique and knowledge on bartending mixology, flair-bartending, and food & beverage, following world-class bartenders. He believes that bartending is a lifestyle that requires discipline and an opportunity always to do something new that can keep you evolving. 
His last distinction is the title of Flair-Bartender of the Year, winning the first place in Ho.Re.Ca. in 2015.
His ten years effort is rewarded every day, and he works with Bar Academy since 2015, where he has also attended seminars in the past.
Since 2016 Michalis is the Head of Media Department of Bar Academy.
Konstantinos Kleovoulou BARTENDING INSTRUCTOR (NICOSIA) Kleovoulou Konstantinos make the first contact with the bar at the young age of 15 because of his birthplace in Chania which is a touristic area. In the age of 18 starts to study Mathematics at the University of Crete in Heraklion. There, he starts to discover the cocktail world, working in Halavro bar and wets & drys as a bartender and later as a bar manager in Crop micro roastery and as a consultant as well. When he graduates, he moves to Cyprus till nowadays working as spirits and cocktail ingredients Brand Ambassador in Hartziotis trading company.
Stephanos started working in 2013 in a well-known company in Athens, specifically in the speciality coffee sector. There, he had the opportunity to work with various micro-roasters from abroad. 
He then worked at Nomad from 2014 until 2017.
Today you will find him behind Handpickers’ Brew Bar.
The seminars he has attended are mostly related to cupping - brewing - latte art.
In 2018 he competed in the National Brewers competition and won the 4th place.
In April 2018 he started working at Bar Academy as Barista trainer. 

Nikos Arvanitis has been working as a bartender since 2006.Rum is his passion and his desire to understand it lead him to the Caribbean. Living in Barbados and using this island as his base, he has visited 23 islands of the tropical zone of the “West Indies” and over 45 distilleries and sugarcane fields, both active and inactive .His journey is still on, will soon be reflected on paper and he has named it “From the West Indies to the World”. Nikos Arvanitis through his travels and speeches, he’s trying to spread the traditional production process of the Rum and the culture of the Caribbean people. Member of “Guardians of Rum” He is member in jury panel and instructor in rum presentation, in European Rum Festivals (Berlin, Paris, Poland, Greece etc.)

As part of the ongoing search for a balanced cup of coffee, Alexandros Foukis attended seminars in many coffee-producing countries (Brazil, Panama, Ethiopia) on the botany,  cultivation, and processing of coffee. He also attended roasting seminars in England and the Netherlands with the primary goal of understanding each link in the coffee production chain starting from the beginning.
After many years of experience in cafes, in 2010 he worked as a barista trainer in a coffee company with Italian espresso and had the opportunity to attend espresso preparation seminars in Italy and England.  He worked in several coffee exhibitions in America, Singapore, and Italy!
In 2012, after a seminar he attended on Speciality Coffee at Finca Hartman Panama, he left the company and the philosophy of the commercial coffee and started working as a barista at Tailor Made Roastery & Cafe. 
Then, in 2014 he took over the organization, training, and management of raw materials at Nomad Roastery.
He has taken part in coffee contests with distinctions:
4th place in the national barista championship 2011
2nd place in the national brewer`s cup championship 2012
3rd place in the national Latte art championship 2012
1st place in the national brewer`s cup championship 2013
2nd place in the national barista championship 2014
He also represented us at the Brewers Cup World Championship in 2013 in Melbourne.

Thanasis Nikolis has been working in specialty coffee industry for 15 years as a Barista, head barista ,barista trainer ,roaster as well as personnel manager and coffee consultant.

For the last four years he is the Head Roaster and Barista Trainer Supervisor for Kudu Coffee Roasters.

He has taken courses in Management & Administration of Tourism Enterprises and over the years he has successfully competed in barista competitions and achieved the following rankings:

- 2nd in the National Barista Championship of 2012           

- 1st in the National Barista Championship of 2013  

- 11th in the World Barista Championship of 2013  

- 2nd in the National Barista Championship of 2016

- 2nd in the National Roasting Championship of 2017  

He has been awarded the Coffee Diploma system and is an active member of the SCA since 2011. 

For the last two years he is also an active member of the SCA Hellas council, elected as Communication Coordinator.

Kiki Agriti BAR MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTOR - FOOD SCIENTIST She is a graduate of the Department of Food Technology of the Athens University of Applied Sciences and holds a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology specializing in Food Quality Management.
During her studies, she attended seminars on hygiene and safety of food, and she has been awarded the Level 3 Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing from the Royal Society for Public Health of England.
She was working at restaurants until her internship at a food analysis laboratory.
She began her career as a Quality Assurance Manager in a fish importing company.
Subsequently, she worked as a Food Company Consultant on safety and quality of food.
She is currently working as a Production Manager at a company which produces liquids for electronic cigarettes.

In spite of her young age, she has already spent 10 years in the coffee sector. She started her first steps as a Barista in teens and as her interest in this field grew, she began to evolve rapidly taking on important positions in cafes of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki.
Katerina is a great example of the trainee being passionate about his subject and growing enough to become a trainer.  Although she already ahd a 7-year career as a Barista, she chose to attend Bar Academy’s seminars by Alexander Foukis and Panagiotis Vitalis in order to acquire even more solid foundations from other professionals, continuing her training with Valantis Lambrianidis, in more specialized seminars on coffee.
At the same time, she began her studies at the Department of Technical Tourism and Hospitality Businesses and attended Masterclasses on various spirits, expanding her knowledge around business and food and beverage. She has participated in events like Bar Academy’s "The Coffee Show" and "All about coffee"  by Valanti Lambrianidis at the Hotelia (exhibition of hotel and professional equipment). She has co-presented workshops on "Techniques and Methods of Filter Coffee Making" at IEK of Thessaloniki, as well as events organized by the city`s free press and magazines relating to coffee shops.
Today, she works as a barista at cafes in Thessaloniki, as well as at the Bar Academy in Thessaloniki as a barista trainer.
Fotis Stathopoulos started working in the food and beverage sector as a barista and cafe owner, at the beginning of the new millennium. He has attended many seminars, in Greece and abroad,  on each step of the coffee production chain, bartending and wine.
Since 2011, he worked as a freelancer to assist other businesses in the organization of production and service, staff training and menu creation.
His time is split between his two great loves: coffee and wine.
During the summer he works in Santorini in the field of wine tourism, and during the winter he continues to consult coffee companies.
The sincere belief that accompanies him in every activity is that food and beverage professionals must offer a personalized experience when serving a cup of coffee or a glass of wine to every customer of the business he is working in. With a high level of commitment to this goal, he continues furthering his knowledge. 
Along with his career as a taster in the national coffee tournaments (since 2014), he has joined Bar Academy’s team as a barista trainer since early December 2017.
He started working in the F&B sector about 10 years ago, alongside his studies.
In 2012 his will for evolution bring him ever more often to Athens, to attend seminars by accredited baristi, who later gave him his first certifications.
In the beginning, he was working at coffee shops as a barista and later as head-barista. He always wanted to give the needed love and special attention to the final product.
In 2013 and for about two years, he worked with the man who introduced him to speciality coffee by training staff in coffee shops.
Romanticism and the pursuit for the perfect cup of coffee led him to move to Athens, where from 2016 until today he works alongside our other trainer, Nikolis Thanasis and Kudu Coffee Roasters.
George Delichristos took his first steps in coffee at the young age of 19 in the first micro-roastery in Greece. 
For the last 3 years, he works as a barista. In addition, for the past year, he is also a roaster at the award-winning company The Underdog. 
He holds an SCA Coffee Diploma and he is an active member of SCA since 2013.
His passion for specialty coffee led him to coffee-producing countries like Panama to see the methods of coffee growing and processing.
Achievements for which he is very proud:
1st place at the National Coffee Roasting Championship 2018
2nd place at the National Latte Art Championship 2013 
2nd place at the National Aeropress Championship 2018
3rd place at the National Brewers Championship 2018
3rd place at the National Aeropress Championship 2017
4th place at the National Cup Tasters Championship 2018
5th place at the National Brewers Championship 2017
Michalis Karagiannis began his journey in 2011 when Christos Kavrakos urged him to attend his first coffee seminar. After a lot of practice with coffee, the first big step came along when he started working at Tailor Made. This was a milestone for his career path. 
When he started making his first “tulips”, he came to the point of falling in love with Latte Art and dedicating himself to it! 
His goal was to attend even more seminars in order to perfect his techniques. He devoted himself to this and took part in several competitions. 
Greek Latte Art Champion 2016, 2017 & 2018
2nd in World Latte Art Championship 2017 & 2018
8th World Latte Art Championship 2016
Final 16 World Latte Art Battle 2016
In 2016 his passion led him to a competition in Korea, at the ‘source’ of Latte Art, where he studied for 15 days next to the best Latte Artists.

In 2009 Panagiotis Vitalis took his first steps in the hospitality industry at a well-known multinational coffee company, learning much about the operation of a brew bar. Constantly pursuing professional development, he attends Barista, Latte Art and tasting seminars in the following years. At the same time he is an active member of two of the most important micro-roasteries in Greece, Tailor Made until 2012 and a senior barista at Nomad until 2016 .

In January 2015 he visits Arabica`s birthplace, Ethiopia, to learn more about the cultivation of the coffee tree and the processing of the coffee beans.

In January 2016, he won the first place in the National Cup Tasters championship.

He has trained coffee shops’ staff on specialty coffee and high-quality drinks and now he shares his knowledge and passion with Bar Academy students in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.


Ο Γιώργος Τσαλικίδης άρχισε την ενασχόλησή του με τον χώρο της εστίασης στα 15 του. Πιο ενεργά όμως ασχολήθηκε από τα 18 και μετά, σπουδάζοντας παράλληλα στο τμήμα Οικονομικών Επιστημών του Αριστοτελείου Πανεπιστημίου Θεσσαλονίκης.

Σιγά σιγά, τον κέρδισε ο υπέροχος κόσμος του καφέ, παρακολούθησε ποικίλα εκπαιδευτικά σεμινάρια και έγινε μέλος της SCA. 

Δουλεύοντας σε επιλεγμένα καταστήματα της Θεσσαλονίκης, άρχισε συγχρόνως να παίρνει μέρος σε project οργάνωσης και σχεδιασμού bar ξενοδοχείων, garden bar, κτλ. Φιλοσοφία που ασπάζεται είναι ότι καφές και αλκοόλ αποτελούν συγκοινωνούντα δοχεία για έναν χώρο εστίασης.

Ήταν μέρος της ομάδας " B&W Spirit Evolution" και άρχισε παράλληλα να διδάσκει την τέχνη του barista σε ΙΕΚ της πόλης.

Είναι barista trainer και quality control manager για την Βόρεια Ελλάδα στην εταιρία καφέ ‘’Vergnano’’ από το 2018 και συνεχίζει την διδασκαλία πλέον μέσω της Bar Academy.